John Gray

John Gray is a New York City-based upright/electric bassist, composer, and teacher. He plays original jazz/blues/soul music with his own group, The Jazz Thieves.

John also teaches music ensembles for homeschooled children, as well as teaching private guitar, bass (upright and electric), piano, and ukelele lessons.

John plays upright and electric bass in several jazz, rock and folk bands in New York City, as a freelancer and also as a member of many groups.  They include Single Girl, Married Girl, Lorens Chuno, the Marvin Dolly Trio, and The Brooklyn Hits to name a few.

John is a jazz bassist by trade, and can play upright bass (bowed and pitz), electric bass, and fretless electric bass.  He is also able to double on guitar, piano, ukelele, percussion, and backup vocals.

John also has been a professional musician since 2001. In that time, he has played everything from musical theatre productions, church services, jazz in jazz clubs/bars/restaurants, weddings, and at large music venues and festivals.

John is as comfortable playing upright bass in a jazz trio as much as in an original singer songwriter project or a group playing world music.  John is a versatile musician who can cover many different styles, including jazz, rock, funk, top 40, soul, blues, country, folk R&B, world, african music, and many more.

John is available for hire in the Tri-State area, and for tours and concerts throughout the world. For questions on rates and availability, visit the contact page.

John is also available for recording services. John has been a sideman and a leader on many recordings. He has performed on commercials and on recordings with many NYC rock and jazz bands.


Partial Discography:

John Gray Band, "The John Gray Band" (released November 2010 on Fervor Records)

John Gray Band, "Black Pants, Black Shirt, Grappler Gun" (Released November 2012)

Secondstar, "Teeth" (Released May 2014)

Lorens Chuno, "Naija Rhythm Affair" (released August 2016)

The Jazz Thieves, "Brooklyn Elegy" (Released September 2016)

Marvin Dolly Trio, "Shades of Life" (released 2017)

Single Girl Married Girl, "Spark" (released May 2017)

Ryan Gibeau, "Quiet Fall" (unreleased)

John plays upright bass.

John plays electric bass.

John plays bowed upright bass in a string section.

Ryan Gibeau, ‘Quiet Fall’, presented by ROCK*iT FiLMS.

Background Photo credit: John Rogers © 2016