John Gray

John Gray is a New York City-based upright/electric bassist, composer, and teacher. He plays original jazz/blues/soul music with his own group, The Jazz Thieves.

John also teaches music ensembles for homeschooled children, as well as teaching private guitar, bass (upright and electric), piano, and ukelele lessons.

John plays upright and electric bass in several jazz, rock and folk bands in New York City, as a freelancer and also as a member of many groups.  They include Single Girl, Married Girl, Lorens Chuno, the Marvin Dolly Trio, and The Brooklyn Hits to name a few.

John is an experienced music educator serving the homeschool community, and offers music ensemble classes that cater to their needs.  He offers daytime classes in music performance; students are given a comprehensive music education, including music theory, ear training, and composition with other students from the homeschool community. The students also perform in seasonal concerts in December and May.


John offers 3 classes to homeschooled students:

Jazz Ensemble: The Jazz ensemble performs jazz standards from Louis Armstrong-style early jazz, to the standards played by Miles Davis, to jazz, soul and rock/pop from the current era.  Students learn advanced music theory, ear training, reading music, composition, and group playing skills.  For intermediate to advanced students with an interest in learning jazz, ages 12-18.

Click here for an example of John's students playing "Blue Monk", by Thelonious Monk.

Rock Ensemble: The Rock Ensemble performs rock and pop from early roots like Chuck Berry and The Beatles, to modern pop hits and everything in between.  Students will learn the fundamentals of music theory, ear training, playing in a group and classic rock/pop repertoire.  Classes are geared toward beginning to advanced students ages 10-18 interested in learning rock and pop.

Click here for an example of John's students playing "Come as you Are", by Nirvana.

Guitar Group: John has been instructing small group guitar classes for several years.  Classes are geared for younger, beginning to intermediate players, and students learn the basics of reading notes and rhythms, proper guitar technique, and playing melodies and chords in a group setting. For young guitarists, ages 7-13. Absolute beginners (a student who has not yet played guitar before) are accepted.


John is currently recruiting students for all three ensembles:  

The Jazz Ensemble is open to vocalists, saxophone/trumpet/trombone players, guitarists, bassists, and drummers.

The Rock Ensemble is open to vocalists, guitarists, keyboardists, bassists and drummers.

The Guitar Group is open to guitarists.

John is also open to creating groups based around a certain group of students, selecting material with their ages and musical interests in mind. This is open to students as young as 7. Please inquire about this if you are interested and feel that might be a better fit than the programs described above.

John is also happy to teach private lessons on beginning/intermediate piano, beginning/intermediate/advanced guitar and bass, and ukulele. Click here for more info or click on the "Private Lessons" tab above.

To inquire about scheduling and pricing, please email John at, or contact him via the contact page.

John has been teaching music in the Tri-State Area since 2011, and has been directing ensembles, both student and professional, since then.  John is an alumnus of Manhattan School of Music, having graduated with a degree in Jazz Bass in 2009. 

John currently directs an ensemble of homeschooled children, called the 38 Turtles.  To hear them play and find out more about them, please click here, or watch some video of our Spring concert at The Sidewalk Cafe on the right hand side of this page. The 38 Turtles have been featured in the Homeschool Globe.






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