John Gray

John Gray is a New York City-based upright/electric bassist, composer, and teacher. He plays original jazz/blues/soul music with his own group, The Jazz Thieves.

John also teaches music ensembles for homeschooled children, as well as teaching private guitar, bass (upright and electric), piano, and ukelele lessons.

John plays upright and electric bass in several jazz, rock and folk bands in New York City, as a freelancer and also as a member of many groups.  They include Single Girl, Married Girl, Lorens Chuno, the Marvin Dolly Trio, and The Brooklyn Hits to name a few.

John has experience instructing homeschooled students, and offers music ensemble classes that cater to their needs.  He offers daytime classes in music performance; students are given a comprehensive music education with other students from the homeschool community.

John has been teaching music in the Tri-State Area since 2011, and has been directing ensembles, both student and professional, since then.  John is an alumnus of Manhattan School of Music, having graduated with a degree in Jazz Bass in 2009. 


John is expanding his studio for homeschooled students for the Fall/Winter 2017. He is accepting students of all instruments and experience levels, beginning to advanced.  They will be placed with students of similar experience and interests.  



Students will learn the following in addition to performing music:

The 38 Turtles1.jpg
  • Music Theory 
    • Reading Music                                             
    • Ear Training
  • Composition
  • Songwriting
  • Different musical styles including:
    • Rock
    • Jazz
    • Pop
    • Latin
    • Funk
    • Modern top 40


The students also perform in seasonal concerts in December and May.


John directs an ensemble of homeschooled children, called the 38 Turtles.  To hear them play and find out more about them, please click here, or watch some video of our Spring concert at The Sidewalk Cafe on the right hand side of this page.


The 38 Turtles were featured in the Homeschool Globe


The 38 Turtles are specifically looking for an advanced trumpet, saxophone, guitarist and/or bassist for Fall 2017, please contact John if you have a child who you know would be interested in participating.


To inquire about scheduling and pricing, please email him at, or contact him via the contact page.



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