John Gray

John Gray is a New York City-based upright/electric bassist, composer, and teacher. He plays original jazz/blues/soul music with his own group, The Jazz Thieves.

John also teaches music ensembles for homeschooled children, as well as teaching private guitar, bass (upright and electric), piano, and ukelele lessons.

John plays upright and electric bass in several jazz, rock and folk bands in New York City, as a freelancer and also as a member of many groups.  They include Single Girl, Married Girl, Lorens Chuno, the Marvin Dolly Trio, and The Brooklyn Hits to name a few.

John Gray is available to teach lessons on:

  • Upright Bass, Electric Bass, Guitar, Ukelele, and Piano
  • Jazz, Rock, Pop, Singer-Songwriter, Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, and Funk styles
  • Music Theory, Ear Training, Improvisation and Composition
  • Music Production and Music Business

John is an active and passionate educator.  He has been teaching since 2011, privately and in public and private schools throughout the Tri-state area. John is currently an instructor at Pelham Music Arts Studio in Pelham NY, Art's House School in Brooklyn, The Bronx House School of Performing Arts in Bronx NY, and has many private students on his own.

John offers lessons in increments of 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or one hour.

John is also available for Skype lessons if you do not live in the New York area.  



Contact John at, or via the contact page for any questions you may have about rates, curriculum, or availability.

Photo credit: John Rogers © 2016

Photo credit: John Rogers © 2016

Background Photo credit: John Rogers © 2016